Simply put, Ken Wolf is a wonderful photographer, for a multitude of reasons.

First, Ken is unique in the warmth and ease that you feel from him. The atmosphere he creates is relaxed and unhurried, which allows for real interaction. Therefore, nothing fake, stiff, or posed-feeling is carried into the images.  He engages my children naturally and comfortably and is sweet and funny with them. He encourages them to be themselves and play so that they can even have fun during the whole process.  He then captures those moments In Which they reveal their true personalities, with real grins and laughs that only a nuanced photographer with a great deal of experience could make sure to watch for. My children actually look forward To seeing him once a year!
Secondly, Ken takes those priceless moments and skillfully produces incredible images. His ability to take any picture and edit it to create a desired effect is excellent. You see his artistry really come out here. And he is a perfectionist! However, In no way does he make you feel uncomfortable or pressured. He is exactly the opposite. It is evident that he truly wants his customers to be happy. He sits down and works with you to create portraits that are appealing and truly beautiful. His suggestions for framing also helped reveal and enhance the nature of each photograph.  I loved the convenience in being able to have him handle the whole process from start to finish. I now have family portraits I am proud to hang on my wall.